Five Preloved Women's Coats & Jackets for In-between Weather

Five Preloved Women's Coats & Jackets for In-between Weather

Dealing with in-between weather is a fundamental part of living in the UK. No matter what season it is, the weather can change from one minute to the next. 

Although winter isn’t over just yet, it won’t be long before we are careering headfirst towards the in-between weather of winter into spring.

Dressing for the dreaded in-between weather can be difficult. The day starts cold and frosty, but by lunchtime it is beaming with sun and by teatime the rain is drizzling.

There is an argument for needing three different outfits to get through one day without being freezing cold, lathered in sweat, or soaked through. Unless you were willing to carry around three different outfits with you each day, this isn’t really an option.

Instead, you need the optimum jacket or coat that will cater to the various weather conditions.

We present to you our ‘in-between weather edit.’ Five preloved women’s coats and jackets which will get you through the in-between weather season.


The Puffer Jacket

Typically associated with keeping warm, the dependable black puffer jacket can be a woman’s best friend. A November 2023 article in The Guardian begged for the end of the black puffer jacket on the grounds that they lack personality and are boring. 

Of course, we don’t agree and more importantly, we would never suggest that a particular fashion choice is boring or lacks personality because what you wear is your personality, whether it has bells and whistles on it or not.

Anyway, we love the plain black puffer jacket for many reasons.

Firstly, they are versatile. A black puffer jacket would look great with 95% of the outfits in your wardrobe.

And they are always a practical option. Pockets galore, a hood and made from lightweight materials. You can take it off when it gets too warm and fold it up and fit it in your bag or carry it with ease.

A packable down jacket is the ideal addition to your in-between-weather wardrobe; it doesn’t get much more versatile than this.



The Quilted Jacket

Did you know that the quilted jackets we wear today originate from the 17th century, when knights would wear the early versions as padding underneath their armour.

Although you won’t be going to battle in today’s quilted jackets, they still hold a high level of importance when coming toe to toe with in-between weather.

Despite having an element of padding, quilted jackets are easy to throw on over layers and are light enough to carry or put in your bag when the temperatures rise.

A good quality quilted jacket will also be shower proof in case you get caught in any rain showers.

Zara Oversized Quilted Rain Jacket Brown
Shop Zara Oversized Quilted Rain Jacket Brown

The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is the perfect casual jacket but has plenty of experience being paired with a more dressier outfit choice, too.

Another lightweight option for your in-between weather outfit choices, women’s bomber jackets often come in neutral colours so they can be paired with a wider range of items.

Or you could seize the opportunity to add a pop of colour to your outfit with a bold coloured bomber jacket.

To keep warm on the cooler mornings, layer up underneath your bomber jacket with a long-sleeve turtleneck jumper.

 Collusion Cropped Bomber Jacket Pink

The Trusty Rain Jacket

Adding a rain jacket with a hood to your wardrobe can be a game changer when it comes to battling the in-between weather.

Women’s raincoats are a practical solution for warm days with unexpected showers and you can add warmer layers underneath to keep you comfortable when the temperatures drop. 

The best raincoats for women are those that offer functionality and style. We love to see pockets, a hood and shower proof material. You can even take it one step further and show off your layers by choosing a clear raincoat.

Pair your clear raincoat with a pair of comfy skinny jeans and chunky boots for those drizzly days.

Urban Bliss Dogtooth Sheer Raincoat Black

The Tweed Look

Let’s not forget that battling with the in-between weather doesn’t mean you should suppress your inner winter-into-spring style.

We’ve talked about how you can layer underneath your coats and jackets, but a light tweed jacket can easily be layered over.

A tweed jacket can add structure and sophistication to your outfit and can easily be layered over with a winter coat. 

Style with a white shirt, block colour wide-leg trousers and on the colder days, add a wool trench coat.

Vintage New Look Tweed Short Jacket

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