Your Get Rid Item

To create your Get Rid order, tell us about each item you want to get rid of. Fill in the fields below and add the item to your basket. Repeat this process for each item. Complete the order by checking out as you would with a regular online purchase. The order will be zero value and we do not require any card details.

We cannot accept any items which do not adhere to our Get Rid guidelines. We strongly advise that you read the guidelines before creating your Get Rid order.

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2. Condition
3. Size
Tips for creating a Get Rid order

You are required to complete each field, you will not be able to add the item.

Your short description should include any information which you think we need to know about your item.

We accept any size clothes and shoes. If your size isn't listed, please select other and add it to your small description.

How to take a clear image

When taking an image of your item to upload to your Get Rid order make sure you take the image in bright, natural light. You also want to get the full item in the picture, with no edges cut off. If your image isn't clear enough, we will be forced to reject this item on your order.

See below two examples of good quality Get Rid item images.

Gold picture frame

Multi-coloured floral embroidered crop top


How much are your items worth

You can check out our indicative values here.

Our indicative values are there to give you an idea on how much your items are worth. Using the information on your order, we will be able to give you an accurate valuation for your items on your valuation email.

    Your Get Rid Item - Sunshine Thrift - Get Rid

    Next Steps

    • We review your order

      This takes up to 24 hours

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    • Return your items to us

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    • Get paid

      This takes up to 72 hours

    Extend the life of your items
    Get paid within 72 hours of your items arriving with us
    We want your clothes and homewares
    Reduce waste to landfill
    Send us your items for free
    Three payment methods


    what items can i send?

    Before creating your Get Rid order you should read through our Get Rid guidelines. Our guidelines tell you which items we will and will not accept.

    I have created my Get Rid order, what now?

    Within 24 hours, we will review the items on your order to make sure that they adhere to our Get Rid guidelines. We will then email you to notify you if your items have been approved or rejected. In the same email we will also provide you with an indicative value for your approved items based on the information you have provided us for each item.


    This depends on which payment method you choose.

    Once your filled Get Rid mailer bag arrives with us, we have 72 hours to inspect the items you have sent. We take this time to check that what you have sent adheres to our Get Rid guidelines. We will then send you an email summarising the payment you can expect to receive. The value of your Get Rid order is wholly dependant on what you send us regardless of your Get Rid valuation.


    Payments into your chosen PayPal account should arrive with you within 24 hours of you receiving your Get Rid final value confirmation.

    Sunshine Thrift vouchers

    Sunshine Thrift vouchers are sent via email within 24 hours of your confirmation email and have a 1-year expiry date.

    Charitable donation

    We will process your donation within 24 hours of your Get Rid final value email. We will send you an email, with proof, confirming that the donation has been made. Please be aware it can take anywhere between 15-90 days for your charity to receive your donation. If your chosen charity is registered with the PayPal giving fund at the time of the donation, they will receive payment quicker.

    Find out more about how we make our donations and the PayPal giving fund here.


    If you stick to our Get Rid guidelines, we will give your items a new home. If you ignore the guidelines and send us an item that has not been approved for Get Rid and does not adhere to our Get Rid guidelines, we will dispose of it through an appropriate recycling channel or donate it to charity.

    We will also deduct a £5.00 admin fee from your final Get Rid value for our handling of these items. You will not receive payment for these items. If all of the items you have sent us are rejected, you will not receive any payment and you will not be refunded for your Get Rid mailer bag.

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