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Get Rid with Sunshine Thrift

Get Rid of your unwanted clothes and homewares in return for cash, Sunshine Thrift vouchers or a donation to your chosen charity.

You will be helping to reduce waste to landfill and saving your time, all the while getting a little something in return. It is time to clear out and make space for your items you will use and wear and let us give your unwanted stuff a new home.

There is no catch, it is literally that good.

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How does it work?

We have designed it so there are no listing fees, no selling commission, no waiting for your item to sell, just straight up convenience.

Tell us what you want to Get Rid of by creating a Get Rid order here. We will review your order within 24 hours to make sure your items adhere to our Get Rid guidelines. We will then invite you to order your mailer bag and to choose how you would like to be paid for your items.

Once you receive your mailer bag, all you have to do is fill it up with your approved items and send it back to us using your pre-paid Yodel returns QR code.

When your Get Rid items arrive back with us, we check that everything you sent is what we were expecting based on the information on your Get Rid order and then we pay you!

Read our Get Rid guidelines to learn more about which items we do and do not accept.

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1. Get sussed on how Get Rid works
2. Create your Get Rid order for approval
3. Order your mailer bag & choose your payment method
4. Fill your mailer with approved items and send for free
5. Get paid!

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Get sussed on Get Rid

  • Payment Methods

    We offer a choice of three payment methods for your Get Rid order: cash via a PayPal transfer, a Sunshine Thrift voucher or a donation to a charity of your choice.

    Learn more
  • What items do you accept?

    Our Get Rid guidelines outline which category, brands and condition of items we accept. By following our Get Rid guidelines you can help us make second hand shopping more accessible.

    Learn more
  • How much are my items worth?

    Get Rid is about straight up convenience. But this doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice getting a fair value for your item.

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Is Get Rid for you?

  • You have women's clothes, footwear and accessories or homeware that you no longer wear or use
  • You want to make some extra cash
  • You don't want to work for the cash (same here)
  • You don't want to waste your time with online marketplaces
  • You want to reduce waste to landfill (who doesn't?)
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Get Rid FAQs

Why should I choose Get Rid instead of Vinted, Depop or eBay?

You know that Vinted advert where the girl empties her bulging wardrobe, takes a couple of pics and then her item is sold? Boom, just like that? You know the one. Well, we know that selling on online marketplaces isn’t that easy.

With Get Rid, you can forget about having to upload super detailed listings with measurements and 15 photos. Forget about low ball offers that are just an insult. Forget about getting grief from strange buyers who complain there is a rip in the item even though it was in perfect condition when you sent it.

Get Rid is designed to be the most straight forward way for you to clear out your stuff AND get rewarded.

We give your items an accurate marketplace value and pay you as soon as it arrives with us. That’s right, you don’t even have to wait for us to give your items a new home before you get paid.

We give your items a new home and give you a reason to not lash your stuff in the bin.

What items can I send?

We accept homewares and women’s fashion that are new with tags or items without tags that show no signs of use. We strongly advise that you follow our Get Rid item guidelines so that you can get paid quicker and we can give your items a new home.

What will you do with the items that I send?

If you stick to our Get Rid guidelines, we will be able to give your items a new home. If you ignore our Get Rid guidelines and send us an item that we have not approved, we will dispose of it through the appropriate recycling channel. If you send us items which we have not approved or does not adhere to our guidelines, you will not be paid for that item and we will deduct a £5.00 admin fee from your final Get Rid value for our handling of these items.