We'll exceed your rightfully high expectations

Sunshine Thrift was born out of a distaste for the declining customer experiences that were available when shopping second-hand.

Orders delivered in bin bags? Faulty items sent knowingly to customers who thought they were getting an unworn item? It's just not good enough!

Your expectations when shopping second-hand fashion and home should be as high, if not higher, as if you were shopping brand new from a retailer.

This is what Sunshine Thrift is all about.

Us Verus Them

We're very proud to be providing our customers with a vastly better experience compared to online marketplaces.

Your experience shopping second-hand with us versus your experience shopping with online marketplaces

  • Us: Spend your money with one trusted retailer

    Them: A different seller with every purchase

  • Us: Two-stage full quality control for each and every item

    Them: Sending items with faults hoping you won't notice

  • Us: Clothing and homeware in one place

    Them: Clothing only

  • Us: Hand curated range created with you in mind

    Them: 800 million items to choose from at any one time

  • Us: Honest pricing for each item

    Them: Free-for-all pricing with no regulation

  • Us: Personal customer care from a human who truly cares about your experience

    Them: Robots that have you tearing your hair out

  • Us: Beautifully packaged orders using 100% recyclable packaging

    Them: Orders sent in bin bags and supermarket carrier bags

  • Us: Shop online in the same way you always have done

    Them: A shopping experience that takes you outside of your comfort zone

  • Us: Up to 80% off RRP

    Them: Selling items for more than the original RRP

  • Us: 1-2 days from point of order to delivery

    Them: 7 days to send the item and then 3-5 days for delivery

  • Us: Well thought out, curated product launches

    Them: Millions of items added each day

It's time to upgrade your second-hand shopping experience

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